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                                      "It Was Time for Me to Wake Up, Get  Real, and Stop Denying Christ"



McCartney Green began writing back in 1994 when she had the amazing experience of a heavenly messenger, (what some might call an angel,) appear to her and set her on that path.

She began with what she knew best, romance novels. That produced the Dandelions Never Die series, an epic gritty adventure series that addressed the real issues of women overcoming trauma to become happy and successful women, and of course, to find true love.

But there was something missing.

McCartney didn’t feel like she was yet following her true path. First, she had taken the amazing spiritual experience she’d had and pushed it into the corner of her mind to think about another day. She had not even bothered to pray or to ask God what His plans were for her. It was like she was still asleep.

This was evident when she had another major spiritual experience in 2009 when Jesus Himself actually spoke to her. Though this experience brought her to tears, she still did not fathom the importance or the significance, of this encounter.

On July 31st, 2015 that changed when she called out to God to give her some direction. God answered her  and had her change to non-fiction. She ended up writing six more books. One of them a schedule of daily living in honor and integrity, two of them about ending racial tensions through understanding and forgiveness, two of them about awakening and God’s messages for us, and one of them about finding joy and prosperity.

Soon after, early one morning, she had a waking vision of herself speaking in front of thousands of people and so she began to seek after a career in public speaking. She spent all of 2017 traveling across the country speaking to people about finding joy and about the fact that God is real. Yet, she still didn't feel right. It was as if concentrating on the business of speaking seemed shallow. She didn’t care about the business. She didn’t care about networking and marketing. Yet she did feel the need to touch people’s lives in a personal and special way.

Something was still missing.

The problem was even though she’d had all of these amazing spiritual experiences, even though she spoke about God, she realized she’d been steering clear of talking about one thing. Jesus is real and His gift to us is real. In essence, she’d been denying Him.

McCartney became a Christian at age 12, but she’d never really felt a strong testimony. She pretty much was just going through the motions. She went to church every Sunday, attended all of the youth group activities, grew up and married a man from the same church, and yet, the importance of her relationship with Jesus evaded her. She was not awake. Though she had been blessed with several amazing spiritual experiences, she just wasn’t understanding the significance and importance of a relationship with not only God the Father, but also His Son Jesus Christ.

She realized she’d felt embarrassed to talk about Him. She felt fear that people would think of her as that crazy Jesus freak lady. Yet, Jesus himself had taken the time to speak to her. No wonder things felt wrong. It is now time to stop denying Christ.










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McCartney is only speaking at limited venues depending on the goal of the event.

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Author of 14 Books


McCartney Green is the author of 14 books, both fiction and non-fiction.

Let's talk about this for a moment because those books are very much

about who she is and what she represents.


Dandelions Never Die, the gritty 8 book romance series teaches women that it IS POSSIBLE to overcome traumas like rape, child abuse,  and domestic violence and go on to be happy and successful people. At the time of their writing, McCartney herself was having to overcome some of these things. These books are pretty gritty and also quite sexy and McCartney recently thought about pulling them off the shelf because of their R-rated content. Ultimately, she decided to leave them available because they also had helped many women who were facing difficult traumas by helping them to be strong, to wake up, and to find their spiritual selves. Many people have talked about these books changing their lives.

"Awakening happens in stages. God, in His wisdom knew just how to bring me back to Him, and I feel led to allow these books to do the same work of honey in relation to flies."  ~McCartney Green~

Messages from Transcendent Beings, We Are Not Alone - plus five other non-fiction books are written to help with a greater awakening. They teach how we can find our connection to God, how we can find joy and prosperity, and how we can raise ourselves above the hatred surrounding us today. Once again, McCartney considered taking these books off the market too, because they have a new age feel to them, reaching out to those who are or want to be spiritual but not religious. McCartney used to feel like the new age movement was pretty cool because it helped people to wake up and realize there really is something going on beyond our physical realm. However, she also believes it has hurt those same people, making them reluctant to believe in a real God and in His Son, Jesus Christ. However, again, McCartney decided to keep most of those six books up for the same reason, "awakening happens in stages."

All of McCartney's Books will:

                        *Help us all reach for something more

                            *Help us heal

                        *Help us know that there really is more to life than what we can experience with out five senses

                        *Inspire us to become all we can be.

                           *Align us Spiritually

                        *Bring us Amazing Joy


The encoded messages are there to help each of us to rise up and touch the sky!


Many of the reviews on Amazon, [even the fiction books,] talk about being touched by her writing and that her books changed them into a new and better version of themselves.





You know how "they" say we're a generation of wanting instant gratification and then we're reminded that instead we must work hard for what we get? Well, that's not necessarily true. Though McCartney does not believe in a gospel of prosperity, it is not wrong to realize that throughout the ages, God caused His righteous people to thrive and prosper. However, it is difficult for many to not focus completely on acquiring the "things" they want. Things don't make us happy. With that being said, our connection to God will help us find the path to being truly happy and that will include having our life's goals and desires realized. Please know that it IS possible. And it's not hard. It's actually easy and fast if you simply follow the 7 keys in this book. Two seconds is not an exaggeration for the most important thing you can do that gives you the instant gratification mentioned above only takes two seconds! It's a technique that can not only change your life, but could change the world!

You can be filled with joy and you don't have to pull up and examine all of the things in your life that have ever occurred to figure out why you're not happy. You only have to follow the keys in an easy daily routine.

Sadness and depression will fall away. Stress and worry will cease. Your natural energy will return. Seeming miracles will begin to occur. Your health will improve, both physical and emotional. Your mood will change. You will be able to overcome trauma that has occurred in your life. You will be led to the right people, the right places to bring about your heart's desires.

McCartney Green's life went from depression and drudgery and struggle to freedom and joy and living a life she'd never dreamed possible.





    Dandelions Never Die 8 Book Series

"More than your normal fluffy romance novels...gritty, empowering, entertaining love stories about real women facing real traumas."



"Uplifting, raw, honest."
 An honest, divinely inspired book about ending racial tensions in America and in the world. "Don't you think it's time?"
“...controversial but this is how change happens.”
“The author is gutsy in writing this book and with all that is going on right now in the world it gives me hope that the world will change for the better.” 
Get your copy now!

A Light in the Darkness
"Reading is my addiction. Days can pass me by because I get so lost in books. McCartney Green's books do that to me. I get so wrapped up in her books. Her Dandelions Never Die Series touched me deeply, so much so that I have reread them over and over again and even wrote and asked her for more. Everyone experiences things in life that change them and that series changed me. It reminded me that we can overcome anything if we so choose. Her way of writing and making it real, inspiring, motivational, and empowering are reasons why I love her work so much.
Messages from Transcendent Beings once again touched deep into my soul and made me take a step back and evaluate my life. I love the fact that this book made me think, and I mean really think. I will reread it because I know that there are important messages that I need and I don't want to miss any. McCartney's writing does that, it makes you want to open up and learn and fight for your life. She believes you and your life are important and her writing reflects that. Eric Kino's Memoirs, (Messages from Transcendent Beings,) just like the Dandelions Never Die Series, shows that belief. McCartney Green, you are a light in the darkness and I'm thankful for your books, your love of writing, your love of sharing, and your love of people. Thank You. I can't wait to read more of your light and love."
 ~Shannon Nichole Donovan~

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